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Ipswich Vets Charles and James Bagnall
About Orwell Veterinary Group

Born out of tradition and grown through a reputation for care and service,Orwell Vet Group is a long established, family run vet practice offering a full range of first opinion veterinary care for dogs, cats, rabbits and family pets. Brothers, Charles and James Bagnall had close ties with the practice during their education, both at School and then University. They became partners in 1994 and now have over 40 years experience between them working at Orwell Vet Group. They are the only vet practice in Ipswich to have achieved Tier Three Hospital status at the purpose built Grange Farm Vet Hospital and have three other branch surgeries in Ipswich town centre, Ravenswood and Stutton. Charles and James take great pride in serving the community in which they grew up and are assisted by a great team of vets, registered nurses and receptionists. Many of the staff are local residents themselves and have been at Orwell Vet Group for many years collectively, creating a very well trained and stable team.
Brothers Charles and James Bagnall have built Orwell Vet Group into a multi branch, multi award winning vet practice from its early days as a small vet practice in Ipswich. Both Charles and James grew up in the Suffolk countryside and went to school in Ipswich. Sharing a passion for animals they both chose the same career path and jumped at the chance to work together in their home town. Over the last 20 years Charles and James have developed the practice in terms of facilities, services and staff.
In July 2016 Orwell Vet Group joined Independent Vetcare - a large cooperative of independent vet practices throughout the UK. The Veterinary profession has evolved considerably in recent years and the support of a large organisation will enable Orwell Vet Group to remain at the forefront of the profession. Read More>>

Our key strengths are:
our clinical experience and knowledge - Charles and James both have over 20 years experience each as general practicing small animal vets,
our facilities - we have the best and most extensively equipped 1st opinion vet practice and hospital in ipswich
our attitude and ethos - the family and community connection runs deep at Orwell Vet Group and is reflected in the way we care for our clients and their pets.

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Ipswich Vet Surgery on Berners Street
History of Orwell Vets

Orwell Veterinary Group came into being when brothers, Charles and James Bagnall, bought the long standing vet practice on Berners Street from John Kendrick. There has been a vet practice on Berners Street since the 1960’s, but before that the practice was based down at Ipswich Docks (close to all the working horses) with a history dating back to the 1930’s. It was formerly known as Leeson Griffith and Kendrick. Both Charles and James went to school with Mr Kendrick’s son’s and spent time at Berners Street seeing practice as vet students. Originally the practice was a large animal practice but by the 1980’s there were an increasing number of domestic pets visiting the practice and Mr Kendrick was responsible for developing the small animal services. Charles and James both have very fond memories of time spent with John Kendrick learning their profession very much in the ‘James Herriot’ style and tradition. When Charles and James took over the practice they continued to provide a large animal service - seeing predominantly cattle and pigs with the odd sheep. This fitted in with their upbringing on a small holding with cows, pigs, sheep and various other farmyard animals.
If you visit the Berners Street you will see many of the old large animal instruments on display at reception.
Once Charles and James had settled in and Mr Kendrick had retired Berners Street underwent a major refurbishment in the late 90’s with the addition of new kennels, a new operating theatre and a prep room. At the same time we opened a branch surgery on the Shotley Penninsula, in Stutton, to replace the part time surgery that Mr Kendrick ran in his summerhouse at his home. By the late 90’s another branch practice was opened on a new housing development in Kesgrave called Grange Farm. The farm house pub on grange farm was indeed the original farm house for Grange Farm (an actual farm!) and the practice used to provide the Veterinary care for the farm animal. Times change and Charles and James quickly recognised that the future was to specialise in domestic pets, so they reluctantly ceased providing large animal veterinary services when the branch was opened on Grange Farm. Over the following few years as Grange farm grew it became clear that the branch surgery located in one of the shop units next to Tesco was too small. So in 2005 a purpose built veterinary hospital was opened that met all standards to be an Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Accredited Small Animal Veterinary Hospital. The scale of services was reduced at Berners Street and now all in patient services are carried out at the Hospital. In 2008 Orwell Veterinary Group was the proud winner of the PetPlan Vet practice of the Year Award. Since then the practice has continued to develop particularly with respect to the range of services we provide and the facilities. Each year there is continued investment in new equipment and perhaps more importantly staff training - so that all the staff keep up to date with the latest techniques and treatments.

At the heart of Orwell Vet Group is the caring personal service we strive to provide, that stems from the traditional values forged from Charles and James’ early years working with some great Vets.
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Ipswich Vets Pet Plan Awards
Achievements and Awards

At Orwell Veterinary Group we believe in continual development of our staff and facilities so that we can provide the best possible clinical and customer care.

Achievements and Awards
Best Student Nurse of The Year Maria Corcoran 2006
Best Assessor of The Year Alison Devonshire 2006
*Pet Plan Practice of the year 2008
*Nurse of the year runner up Alison Devonshire 2008
*Practice manager of the year Estelle Busby 2010
*Petplan Advisor of The Year runner up Vickie Sadler 2010
*Vet nurse of the year Maria Corcoran 2011
*Vet of the year runner up Charles Bagnall 2011
*Vet Marketing Customer Experience Award 2011
*Trainee Vet Nurse Outstanding Achievement Award 2011

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Berners House
56 Berners Street
Ipswich IP1 3LU
Tel 01473 257557

Stutton Surgery
2 Manningtree Road
Stutton IP9 2SW
Tel 01473 257557

Perfect PetCare
Nacton Road
Ipswich IP3 9QJ
Tel 01473 720632

Grange Farm Hospital
Hartree Way, Grange Farm
Kesgrave IP5 2BZ
Tel 01473 333677

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