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Client Testimonial

‘Barney’ Hoddy

Many thanks to Mr Hoddy for writing this reference and for providing such lovely photographs of Barney
Barney our Bernese Mountain Dog has been attending Orwell Vets from 12 weeks of age since 2007. Right from the start the staff have been friendly and welcoming.

Once Barney had his first innoculations and a microchip we attended Orwell’s puppy parties which allowed him to get used to other puppies and people as well as get used to attending Orwell Vets and not be worried or anxious.

Barney has been unlucky with his health; we are therefore thankful that Barney was insured with Pet Plan from the start which we continued as Orwell Vets recommend them too. Orwell Vets and Petplan have been a good combination for us. All treatment recommended by Orwell has been paid for by Petplan. Petplan pay Orwell directly and we do not have to pay upfront and claim it back. Barney’s bills have added up to over £7,000 so far.

Barney’s first problem was contracting Campylobacter before he reached six months old. He was very ill and not the playful puppy he should have been. Charles at Orwell Vets diagnosed and treated Barney and he recovered. Barney then developed skin allergies and Orwell Vets together with a referral to Animal Health Trust for specialist tests came up with a regular treatment plan of medication, shampoo and diet to keep it under control.

Next we noticed Barney develop a limp, back to Charles at Orwell, this time after x-rays a referral to Davies Veterinary Specialists for Surgery on both of Barney’s elbows. A full recovery and no more pain and limping for Barney.

Barney is a regular attendee at Orwell vets for his allergy treatment and usual checkups. We use Orwell’s Pet Health Club to spread and reduce the cost of usual vaccinations and worming.

Disaster struck on 20th January 2015 when Barney became very distressed and showed signs of a twisted bowl/bloat. Luckily we were home and rushed Barney to Orwell Vets. Barney was straight in x-rayed, diagnosed and operated on within a couple of hours. Orwell Vets were great; they kept us fully informed, frequent phone calls and visits. They truly saved Barney’s life and looked after him very well. The Vets were fantastic with the operation and the nurses spent a lot of time with Barney. Special thanks to Laura for dealing with a very emotional owner too!

We are very grateful to the team at Orwell Vets for the care they have given to Barney. Barney enjoys his visits to see them and would not be here if it was not for their care and expertise. Barney is now eight years of age which is good age for a Bernese. We look forward to using Orwell Vets for all of Barney’s future needs and we now have Yogi a Bernese puppy who also enjoys his trips to Orwell Vets (although we hope not as frequently).
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