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Microchip Identification
Microchip identification is available at all four surgeries for your pet. This can be done in a normal appointment and does not require sedation or anaesthesia. Many clients choose to microchip their pets while they are undergoing routine neutering surgery.
From 6th April 2016 it will become compulsory to have your dog microchipped. All dog owners must ensure their dog is microchipped and registered on an accredited microchip database. In addition dog owners or breeders will have to register the details of a new owner before they sell or give a dog or puppy away. Puppies must be microchipped by the time they are 12 weeks old. Dog owners must ensure their details are up to date on the microchip database should they change. Compulsory Dog Microchipping will help reduce lost and unwanted pets and encourage responsible pet ownership.
Ipswich Vet Practice Missing Cat
Scooby the cat says to all pet owners “get your pet microchipped”
Scooby was brought to Orwell Vets at the Grange Farm Hopsital having been regularly seen by office workers at the Adastral Business Park in Martlesham Heath. When staff at the vets scanned Scooby for an identichip they were thrilled to find he had got one and were able to get in contact with the national database and contact Scooby’s owner. Scooby had been missing for an amazing 11 months and is now back home with the owner Claire and the other family cat. Claire said “Scooby is very pleased to be safely home but I think our other cat perhaps is not so keen as she does rather pick on Scooby.” Scooby still returns to Adastral Park from time to time to enjoy hunting for rabbits, but now the staff at the offices have Claire’s details so can tell her of Scooby’s whereabouts so he is quickly re-united.
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