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Pets Passports
Going on holiday? You will need a Pet Passport to take your pet abroad.
If you are considering taking your pet abroad we can discuss the procedure and make all the necessary arrangements to issue your pet with a passport. Please phone to request an information pack. To obtain a Pet Passport is considerably easier than in previous years. Your pet must be microchipped and then vaccinated against rabies. Your pet will then need a health check 21 days after rabies vaccination to be issued with their passport. Currently in the UK rabies vaccination must be carried out within 3 years to keep the passport valid. When travelling abroad there may be some country specific requirements for entry - so check well in advance. To re-enter the UK your pet much be treated for tapeworms ( echinococcus ) by a vet who then certifies this on your passport. This treatment must be given 24-120 hours before re-entry. Before travelling with a pet you should also check if their are any specific health risks to your pet at your destination.
Top 10 Pet Passport Tips - Provided by Animal Care
email pets.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk
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