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Weight Clinics
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1/3 of the Uk’s dog population and a ¼ of the Uk’s cat population is overweight.
(Source PDSA Health Check Survey of 7,000 pets 2009).
Has your pet got a:

Smooth curved tucked in waist?
Can you feel its ribs, backbone and hips but, are not prominent?
Is the base of its tail smooth?

If not your pet may be overweight

Our Registered Veterinary Nurses offer a free personalised
Weight Management Clinic
We take the time to listen to your concerns, consider your lifestyle and formulate a plan to assist you in helping your pet to reach optimal body weight to maintain good health.
If you are concerned about your pet’s weight then please contact us.

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Berners House
56 Berners Street
Ipswich IP1 3LU
Tel 01473 257557

Stutton Surgery
2 Manningtree Road
Stutton IP9 2SW
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Perfect PetCare
Nacton Road
Ipswich IP3 9QJ
Tel 01473 720632

Grange Farm Hospital
Hartree Way, Grange Farm
Kesgrave IP5 2BZ
Tel 01473 333677

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