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Anaesthesia Information
Pre-anaesthetic examination - we routinely weigh and examine all patients prior to anaesthesia. It may be appropriate to carry out other tests such as a blood screen which can alert us to the presence of liver or kidney disease, diabetes or anaemia which may complicate the procedure. This examination is usually performed on the same day as the anaesthetic, so does not require another visit to the vet.
General Anaesthesia - we routinely use the newer anaesthetic agents Propofol ‘Rapinovet’ and Isoflurane ‘Isoflo’, which are used extensively for human anaesthesia. Animals anaesthetised with these agents go to sleep in a smooth well controlled manner and wake up more rapidly with very little 'hangover'. Furthermore they have less effect on a number of vital organs including the liver, kidneys and heart. They are especially useful for 'day case surgery' where patients operated on can go home on the same day, or for older and higher risk patients.
Anaesthetic monitoring - all our patients are monitored by a veterinary nurse until they are fully recovered. Anaesthetic monitoring equipment is also used including pulse oximeter, capnograph, blood pressure, electrocardiograph, respiratory monitor and temperature This equipment can provide early warning of cardiac and respiratory dysfunction during anaesthesia. All patients undergoing prolonged anaesthesia have their body temperature maintained by a combination of heat pads, Bair Hugger ( blows warm air over the patient), intravenous fluid warmers, and warmed bean bags.

All Anaesthetics carry some risk. We strive to reduce that risk to the smallest possible.
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