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We recognise that it is important to be open about discussing treatment costs and to provide all our clients with an accurate estimate. Please feel free to discuss treatment costs so that we can achieve this. We are happy to tailor your pet's treatment to suit your budget by discussing all the treatment options and their associated benefits and costs. Before any treatment is given we will give you an estimate of the cost involved. If treatment which was not originally planned for is necessary, we will do our best to keep you informed and seek your agreement before proceeding (as long as this is possible to do so without risk to your pet).
We strongly recommend
pet insurance to help cover the cost of treatment for your pet.
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Berners House
56 Berners Street
Ipswich IP1 3LU
Tel 01473 257557

Stutton Surgery
2 Manningtree Road
Stutton IP9 2SW
Tel 01473 257557

Perfect PetCare
Nacton Road
Ipswich IP3 9QJ
Tel 01473 720632

Grange Farm Hospital
Hartree Way, Grange Farm
Kesgrave IP5 2BZ
Tel 01473 333677

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