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Ipswich Vets Price Guide
Orwell Vets Price Guide
Given the varied nature of our patients and their problems it is impossible to publish an accurate price guide that covers every procedure or service. We would strongly recommend contacting the surgery to get a more accurate estimate and better understanding of what is included. It is vital when you compare prices that you compare like for like prices. We aim to provide gold standard care at value for money prices. There can be a huge difference in the level of care, service, and value for money offered by two veterinary practices providing the same procedure.
The information below represents some examples of the services we offer and what is included.

Please note that many of our clients benefit from our Pet Health Club Discount scheme (PHC) whereby they receive discounted routine healthcare as well as 10% off all other treatments, products ands services plus extra discounts on emergency consultations and lifetime care prescription drugs - more details>>

Please Contact Us for More Detailed Information regarding prices.

All prices quoted include VAT and are correct on 01/04/2015
PHC Members receive a 10% discount on all quoted prices


1st Consultation (15 minute appointment with a Vet)
2nd Consultation ( follow up appointment with a Vet)
Dog Nail Clip
Cat Nail Clip
Empty Anal Glands
!st Consultation Rabbit / Small Mammal / Exotic Pet
2nd Consultation Rabbit / Small Mammal / Exotic Pet
Out of Hours Consultation before midnight
Out of Hours Consultation after midnight
£ 36.50
£ 33.50
£ 22.00
£ 15.50
£ 26.00
£ 32.00
£ 26.00
£ 140.00*
£ 160.00*
*Pet Health Club members receive a 25% discount
Consultation fees exclude the cost of injection, prescribed drugs and consumables

Routine Surgery

Cat Neutering
Cat Castration
Routine Cat Spey
Midline Cat Spey
£ 46.00
£ 72.00
Our cat neutering prices include post operative pain relief, a buster collar, and suture removal where applicable
Dog Castration
<10 Kgs
10-20 Kgs
20-35 Kgs
35-55 Kgs
55+ Kgs
£ 165.00
£ 180.00
£ 205.00
£ 255.00
£ 315.00
Bitch Spey
<10 Kgs
10-20 Kgs
20-35 Kgs
35-55 Kgs
55+ Kgs
£ 225.00
£ 245.00
£ 270.00
£ 325.00
£ 400.00
In addition to the surgery carried out to the highest possible standards, all prices include hospitalisation, gold standard general anaesthesia and monitoring, intravenous fluids during surgery, pre and post operative pain relief for 4-5 days, a buster collar, and suture removal.

Dental Descale

Descale and Polish
Dog < 5 Kgs
Dog 5-10 Kgs
Dog 10-20 kgs
Dog 20-40 Kgs
Dog 40-60 Kgs
Dog 60 + Kgs

£ 115.00
£ 140.00
£ 180.00
£ 210.00
£ 240.00
£ 275.00
£ 305.00
all prices include hospitalisation, gold standard general anaesthesia and monitoring, intravenous fluids during anaesthesia. Additional charges apply for dental extractions and post operative medication


House Visit In Ipswich or Kesgrave
House Visit Out of Ipswich or Kesgrave

£ 115.00*
£ 145.00*

*Out of Hours surcharges apply outside normal working hours


Primary Puppy Vaccination 8 and 10 weeks
Primary Puppy Vaccination plus Kennel Cough
Annual Booster Vaccination
Annual Booster Vaccination plus Kennel Cough
Kennel Cough Only
Primary Kitten Vaccination Flu and Enteritis
Primary Kitten vaccination Flu, enteritis and Leukaemia
Annual Booster Flu and Enteritis
Annual Booster Flu Enteritis and Leukaemia
Myxomatosis and VHD

£ 76.50
£ 87.00
£ 43.99
£ 64.99
£ 39.50

£ 56.50
£ 77.00
£ 41.00
£ 54.00

£ 47.25
All prices include a full consultation and examination with a vet
Primary Kitten and Puppy Vaccinations also include treatment for fleas and worms and 4 weeks free pet insurance


Microchip (Identichip)
Rabies Vaccination
Pet Passport
Written Prescription
£ 25.00
£ 77.00
£ 36.00
£ 14.50
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Berners House
56 Berners Street
Ipswich IP1 3LU
Tel 01473 257557

Stutton Surgery
2 Manningtree Road
Stutton IP9 2SW
Tel 01473 257557

Perfect PetCare
Nacton Road
Ipswich IP3 9QJ
Tel 01473 720632

Grange Farm Hospital
Hartree Way, Grange Farm
Kesgrave IP5 2BZ
Tel 01473 333677

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