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Pet Stress
If you are concerned your pet may be stressed, please contact us Our Vets or Nurses will assess if the behaviours shown by your pet are caused by a medical problem which requires treatment. This may involve tests, e.g. blood or urine tests

Could your pet be stressed?
Stress is a common problem in dogs and cats as well as ourselves, and is on the increase. There are many different causes and manifestations of stress. Many dogs and cats find it difficult to adapt to change - this can be a major source of stress for many animals. For some pets, even replacing furniture can be a stressful time.
What causes stress in pets? Many common situations are stressful for our pets: -Moving house
-New members of the household e.g. new pet or baby
-Multicat households
-Sudden noise e.g. fireworks, thunder
-Kennel or cattery visit
-Another cat moving into the territory
How do I know if my pet is stressed? Our pets cannot tell us how they are feeling – but they can change their behaviour and let us know in this way. There are many different ways pets can show stress, and some are more easily recognised than others. Common expressions include: -Changed demeanour or posture
-House soiling
-Changes the use of their environment e.g. stops entering a certain room
-Increased hiding or resting in a higher place (cats)
-Increased or decreased interaction with other people and/or other pets
-Habits such as excessive licking and grooming-Changed routine e.g. appetite, sleeping, play.
How does Zylkène help manage stress? Zylkène is a natural product, proven to help manage stress in dogs and cats, and help them adapt to change. Zylkène can be used to manage both short and long term stress and has not been associated with any side effects. Zylkène is palatable and easy to give with food, and only needs to be given once daily – simply open the capsule and mix the tasty powder with food or a treat.
Most behaviour problems will also benefit from behaviour modification techniques – your vet or behaviourist can give you a programme which is right for your pet.
Ipswich Vet Noise Phobia
Noise phobias and fear of fireworks
It is a common problem for pets to have a firework or noise phobias, and we can help. There are now many products to help your pet cope with this time. available including
Adaptil (formerly DAP) and Feliway pheromones diffusers and sprays, Dorwest Herbs, Zylkene and cds
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